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Stone Stain Removal

Stone Stain RemovalNatural stone is porous by nature and is too often easily stained. Because stone is porous you can sometimes remove the stain by reversing the staining process. If you re-absorb the stain into a medium, you can remove it from the stone. The typical medium is called a poultice. All stains should be treated as soon as possible because the longer it is untreated it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the stain.

Using the appropriate removal technique is important to achieve desired results. Our expert survey teams will log details to determine as accurately as deemed possible what the stain is, its colour etc. Test patches may need to be performed. In some cases it will take several tests.

Some chemicals necessary for stain removal will remove the finish on polished marble, limestone, terrazzo and travertine. As a result, re-polishing with abrasives or polishing compounds may be necessary.

Typical Stains

ORGANIC: Coffee, tea, tobacco, food, cosmetics, plant, food.
INORGANIC: Rust, iron, bronze, steel, metal.
BIOLOGICAL: Mildew, mold, fungus and algae.
OIL BASE: Grease, cooking oil, food stains, tar, body oil
INK: Ball Point Pen