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Stone Repair and Tinting

Stone Colour TintingAfter having many years in the industry Henleystone Remedials have gained a reputation of one of the leading companys for carrying out masonry repairs to products such as the newly produced dry and wetcast stone used on major developments.

We specialise in carrying our these repairs inconjunction with our tinting service to leave an invisible repair and a uniform finish. We currently provide this service on-going to the elite house builders.

We also at Henleystone Remedials carryout repairs to listed buildings and monuments where original stonework has weathered/deteriorated or in need of TLC. Once repaired Henleystone Remedials can use our unique tinting service to tint or age back to match old and new to leave a seamless repair.

Brick and Mortar Tinting

Stone Colour TintingThe technique of tinting brickwork and mortar by applying oxide pigments in a potassium silicate liquid gains a permanent tint to the surface of brick/mortar and other masonry products including natural stone aswell as dry and wetcast stone.

Experience has shown that such tinting is a permanent modification of surface colour and the treatment has no adverse effects on the durability or other performance attributes of the masonry. Most often the reason for its use is to rectify mis-shading of bricks and mortar or to correct bad colour blending.

Here at Henleystone Remedials we have been using this techniques on extension projects to blend new and old materials, i.e. if original bricks cannot be sourced. These techniques are also valuable on restoration projects. We also use this system in rectifying brick blending on new builds where mixing packs of bricks hasn't been successful. Henleystone Remedials have technicians who have been specialising in this field for over 20 years. Our skilled tradesman are among the most experienced in the industry. Some of which have carried out tinting works all over the globe. Including regular visits to Europe and North America.


Here at Henleystone Remedials we offer a full pointing service and specialise in the pointing of nw stonework. Traditionally brick layers would be responsible for carrying out the pointing to stonework but unfortunately they do not have the finesse to carryout an acceptable finish to some of the higher spec projects.

So with our knowledge of handling stonework and in conjunction with our fitting teams we at Henleystone Remedials are asked by many elite builders on projects worth upto £20 million to carryout the pointing of stone to stone joints to leave a sharp colour match joint.

This is achieved using colour match mortars usually obtained by the manufacturer of the stonework therefore creating an almost invisible joint. This service was recently added to our remedials due to a high demand of requests and has prooved to be very popular after many clients witnessed Henleystone Specialists fitting teams finish to there install work.