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Pavement Cleaning

Pavement CleaningHere at Henley stone specialists we encounter that no matter how well a pavement might be laid, and no matter how much was spent on quality materials, all pavings, from the very top-of-the-range to the not-quite-so-good, require some basic maintenance to keep them as smart looking as you intended.

A great deal of care must be taken when choosing what type of product to use for the cleaning of the pavement, not all surfaces are resistant to the adverse effects of ‘patio cleaner’ and ‘brick acid’ which may contain hydrochloric acid.

Our expert survey team will make the correct choices with you to ensure we restore your surface not destroy it, sadly we have seen the results of DIY cleaning of beautiful flooring of limestone and Indian sandstones leaving devastating effects.

Chewing gum outside your shop, restaurant or office building! Such an eyesore on what is probably an integral player in the beauty of your premises. Our operatives are able to remove gum and other surface mounted anomalies using the latest in pressure cleaning equipment restoring the professional clean aesthetics you expect for your building or walkway. Contact us for more information.