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Masonry Waterproofing

Masonry WaterproofingWater ingress to porous masonry is one of the main problems to new and old buildings alike and can cause long term issues, water ingress is the catalyst for organic growth, mould , damp, staining and efflorescence to cause deterioration to buildings.

Rain water and moisture enters the masonry then as dry out begins the water pushes through the face of the masonry causing all the above problems.

Some areas sky surfaces ( horizontial masonry stone copings etc ) cannot dry out and are constantly exposed to the weather elements, this reaching of saturation point is the main catalyst for organic growth to develop. As a living organism this growth then eats away at the surface causing damage which can be costly to reverse.

Henleystone Remedials ltd are approved specialists at applying waterproof coatings which form a barrier in the molecules of masonry allowing rain water and moisture to bead off the surface of masonry.

This procedure prevents ingress of water leaving buildings dry and clean for many years saving maintenance issues related to water damage.