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Hot Wash

Henleystone Remedials Limited have invested heavily in the latest equipment and are now delighted to be using our new super heat system, which at 155°c removes most contaminents without the use of harsh chemicals thus providing Henleystone Remedials the platform to become one of the most environmentally efficient cleaning contractors.

In years gone by masonry was cleaned using hydrochloric and hydrofloric chemicals in conjunction with cold water pressure washers. Contractors relied on the water pressure to remove staining. This procedure has led to many listed buildings and prestigious masonry having occurred damage as harsh cleaning techniques have left pitted surfaces. Also this old fashioned method would flood the masonry causing more harm than good as the ingress of the water would only result in reoccurring problem as dry out begins.

Henleystone Remedials Ltd refuse to use harsh chemicals on all our projects as our new system relies on the heat and steam of water at low pressure to remove paint, efflorescence, organic growth etc. The advantages of the super heat system is that once cleaned the masonry dries very quickly due to the high water temperature. This allows us to carry out other remedials .i.e. repairs or sealing works.

Hotwash In Use

Using the 155 Degrees Hot Steam wash rather than the power of a standard pressure washer ensures the stone face is not damaged and the airborne contaminants are effortlessly removed, along with the heat ensuring that all spores from surrounding trees & vegetation are killed so that unsightly staining does not return, this is also prevented further by applying our specialist breathable sealing product