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GRC Repairs

Grc glass reinforced concrete is a cement based composite material with alkali resistant fibres that are randomly dispersed throughout the product.

Because the glass fibres add flex and tensile and impact strength the resulting materials allow production of a strong lightweight architectural material making grc ideally suited for modern builds requiring stone.

Grc is becoming more popular due to its versatility as it can be produced in any colour , thickness, shape as per architects specifications.

Henleystone Remedials Ltd have worked closely with the manufacturers of such products to provide an onsite solution to the damage that can occur on projects.

This kind of damaged can be caused by poor lifting onsite, and poor fitting techniques.

Advantageous to Henleystone remedials not only do we carry out a same texture repair, but by applying our unique tinting service we can seamlessly blend out the repairs to become an invisible repair to the eye.

Our tinting product is also hand mixed onsite unlike many companies that only use generic colours, thus allowing us to exactly match. Therefor eliminating th need to tint more than the required repaired area.