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Graffiti Removal

A major problem with graffiti is that it has the ability to stigmatize or label a community as a low social or economic area, normally conducive to local gang activity or maybe a simplistic ‘tag’ by a lone vandal. This indeed leads to lowering of housing values which is not great news for an area of residential or commercial status.

The main attraction areas to graffiti vandals are often larger stone or brick facades giving opportunity to place more visible symbols or writing to the area, but another major target sadly are monuments usually of historic value and personal pride to the surrounding community.

At Henley stone specialists we understand the importance of not only restoring cultural, historic pieces of architecture but also the importance of aesthetics to a traditional, modern type building or structure and find most of our rivals are not as professional in removing graffiti, tinting and sealing affected areas. Due to two decades of experience within the company as both stone masons, after care and repairing specialists we have the expert knowledge to offer you the very best of services.